Using Dopamine Agonist for the Cure of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease results in rigidity of body muscles which mostly shows up in the later years of your life. The disease affects the nerve cells in your brain which produce dopamine. As a result, the production of normal dopamine is hindered leading to abnormal changes in your body. These changes include tremors in hands, the rigidity of muscles, problems in speech, and not being able to maintain your body posture.
If you find yourself going through any of these conditions, consult your doctor and get yourself thoroughly diagnosed. There are no permanent solutions to cure this problem. However, medications are present in the market which reduce the effects of this problem for the time being.
Of the many solutions available in the market to fight Parkinson’s, one is Dopamine Agonist. Let us further discuss about it, in details.
Dopamine Agonist
Dopamine Agonist is a drug which mimics the functions of dopamine inside your body. Unlike Levodopa, it doesn’t convert into dopamine, but certainly supports the nerve cells inside your brain, thus helping your body maintain its posture.
Dopamine Agonist can be used at all stages of the disease. You’re not bound to take it at certain stages only. It shows positive effects at all levels.
Dopamine Agonist is available as tablets in the market which are taken at different times during the day. There are, however, stronger versions of tablets available as well, which you’re required to take only once, daily.
You can take dopamine agonist alone or mix it with levodopa. These drugs complement each other thus increasing the immunity against the disease. Dopamine Agonist is found to treat other symptoms of Parkinson’s as well, which are not related to your physical movement.
Side effects
There are certain side effects which you might suffer from if you’re on this drug. Some of these effects are:
• Nausea and Vomiting: You might feel like vomiting or may face phases of vomiting when on this drug. If you face the problem for prolonged periods, consult your doctor and discuss the situation.
• Constipation: Another side effect associated with the intake of Dopamine Agonist is constipation. So, if you’re already from a stomach condition then consult your doctor before taking this medication.
• Dizziness and Drowsiness: It causes lowering of your normal blood pressure amid which you feel dizziness. You could face sudden attacks of sleep and may sleep wherever you’re sitting.
• Headache: A side effect which comes with the use of Dopamine Agonist is a headache. You could face a headache, either half head or in full head, depending upon your other medical conditions.
Parkinson’s disease is a serious issue which should be taken seriously. If you find any symptoms in yourself, you should immediate take actions to deal with the issue. You should, however, consult a doctor before taking any medications. If you have an already persistent medical issue, then let them know so they can guide you better.
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